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Training will include everything you need to begin a career in laser teeth whitening. 


Package 1 includes: Whitening Light,  20 Whitening Kits, 20 Mineralized Desensitizing Gels,  A Consent of Treatment Form, A Certificate of Completion, and a dental shade guide.  This package is valued at $4,000


Package 2 Includes: All of package 1 plus a leather recliner whitening chair and a fully stocked cart with all the essentials you will need. 

This package is valued at $4,500


We charge, on average, $199 per client.  The average income for teeth whitening professionals is $100,00-$175,000.  In order to pay for the training all you will have to whiten is 10-11 clients.  We use an amazing product with great results, and will provide you with the knowledge to add this to an already successful business or start a new one. 


We charge $2,000 for package #1 and $2,400 for package #2! The training and this fee includes all training materials and  necessary equipment.  Our price is very fair for the training that you will receive.  10 Appointments at $199, will cover the cost of your training.  How often can you start a business and literally repay the initial investment within 30 days?  


After the training you are ready to apply for your own business license, find a location, and start making some money.  You will walk out the door prepared to begin your new business, and not only that, but to be successful at it.  You will have  the opportunity to be listed as a location for our services if you are more than 30 miles from our locations for a fee. 

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